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Invitation to participate in Micro - Conference 2020.

Postponed to 5/6 November 2020 - Hilton Hotel, Queenstown

Due to Covid-19 and the current restrictions around lockdown the NZSCM micro-conference 2020 is unable to take place 10/11 September 2020 and has been postponed to 5/6 November 2020.

micro-conference is a small scale conference that allows researchers to present and discuss their work. They provide a channel for the exchange of nascent ideas and an opportunity for academic collaboration.

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It was with disappointment that COVID-19 resulted in the cancellation of Conference 2020. Three months have gone by and while the battle still continues and our borders are closed its nearly business back to normal for most of us.

We all realise that the border with Australia is likely to stay closed until into 2021 and there is no opportunity for cosmetic medicine practitioners to gain in person training and development outside of NZ.

The nature of cosmetic medicine requires us all to stay abreast of the advances in techniques, products and knowledge. We are also a close knit community of professionals who thrive when we can get together to share our knowledge, experience, support and friendship.

While we are unable to deliver an event on the scale that we usually provide we can work within the current circumstances to hold an event that will surpass delegate and industry expectations.We have amongst our members and associates a number of experienced trainers and speakers to deliver a robust academic programme.  In NZ we are serviced by an industry who deliver and endorse expertise to a high standard. We   value the strong relationships we have established over more than 20 years with industry.

We believe we can work together to deliver a very successful meeting.

We are mindful of the financial uncertainty and challenges that both industry and individuals are experiencing. Contributions and fees have been minimised to reflect the size of the event.

We would welcome your company to join us for 2020 and benefit from the opportunities our Micro-Conference provides.

Dr's Paul Nola, Ellen Selkon, Hans Raetz and Kirshni Appanna

NZSCM Conference Committee

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For any queries or assistance please contact Event Secretariat:

Jenny Turner
Administration Officer l Conference Secretariat
New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine
Ph: +64 9 4365829 Mob: +64 21 0361793


The development and adoption of best standards of practice in cosmetic medicine has allowed NZSCM to develop a rigorous training scheme for aspiring cosmetic medicine physicians as well as a continuous quality assurance programme of cosmetic medicine practitioners and their clinics.

Through endorsement by the New Zealand Medical Council and the RNZCGP these initiatives have now become the required standard for Cosmetic Medicine in New Zealand. We are the only providers of postgraduate training in the Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine.

Practitioners in the field of Cosmetic Medicine are encouraged to not only become members of NZSCM but also actively contribute to quality assurance programs and active research in our specialty. The Annual Scientific Meeting is the foremost conference in New Zealand in our field.

φThe Greek symbol Phi symbolises the Golden Ratio in mathematics and the arts, a fitting logo for a craft combining medical science with the beauty of the human body.


We are shaping and preparing the future of Cosmetic Medicine practice. Join us as we grow and develop Cosmetic Medicine practice to the highest standards.


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If you have any queries about the conference please contact:

Jenny Turner
New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine
PO Box 3007 I Onerahi I Whangarei 0142
Tel:+64 09 4365829 or +64 0210361793