Training Programme

NZSCM Training Programme to gain the Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine 

The MCNZ has recognised cosmetic medicine as an area of special interest (advanced competency) within the field of general practice, and has approved the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine (NZSCM) training programme (the Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine) as the qualification to support this advanced competency.

Doctors who have vocational registration in general practice and who have successfully completed the NZSCM diploma will be deemed competent to practice category two cosmetic procedures (as defined in the MCNZ Statement on Cosmetic Procedures) without requiring a collegial relationship.

A brief overview

Cosmetic Medicine is defined as the branch of medicine concerned with improving the appearance and therefore the quality of life of patients. The New Zealand Medical Council defines cosmetic procedures as either Category 1 (surgical) or Category 2 (nonsurgical). The NZSCM Training Programme provides training in Catagory 2 procedures. 

Upon graduating Trainee Members have gained:

  • The Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine and Membership of NZSCM.
  • Advanced Competency in Cosmetic Medicine and the ability to practice independently without oversight.
  • The ability to provide collegial oversight for category 2 modalities.
  • NZSCM manages a schedule of ongoing triennial re-accreditation assessment for Members

The pathway to Membership of NZSCM is through the Training Programme. The aims of the NZSCM Training Programme are to:

  • Provide a training pathway for Vocationally Registered Medical Practitioners in Cosmetic Medicine.
  • Ensure that Training Programme graduates have the technical skills, clinical skills and ethics for Vocational Registration in Cosmetic Medicine.
  • Satisfy the legal requirements of the New Zealand Medical Council that patient safety is assured while trainees are in the Training Programme and after graduation.
  • Assist the trainee in gaining the knowledge, procedural skill and consultation skills in order to build a Cosmetic medical practice.

The NZSCM Education Committee, a sub-committee of the NZSCM Executive Committee, manages the delivery of the Training Programme.

Applications are invited during September closing 31st October. Training begins in February the following year. The academic year runs from February to February of the following year.

Training comprises a combination of practical workshops (including testing), prescribed reading, the NZSCM Annual Scientific Meeting, peer group meetings, a presentation, an OSCE and MCQ exam.

Modalities included in the programe circiulum include:  Microsclerotherapy, Temporary Dermal Fillers, Botulinum Toxins, Radiofrequency Ablation, Laser and IPL hair, tattoo and vascular and pigmented lesion removal and Photorejuvenation, and Dermal Remodeling treatments- Peels, PRP, dermal needling, skincare etc. There is emphasis on assessment in the theory and practical aspects of performing procedures to meet the prescribed Clinical Standards and provided detailed Protocols.

Training is undertaken over 2 years (February to February). Logbook requirements and the final Practice Audit need to be completed at that time in order that candidates can be presented with the Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine.  The graduation ceremony is held during the NZSCM Conference which takes place in August.

For information and application form please contact Jenny at or ph : 09 4365829

Applications are now being accepted for 2019 Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine.

Limited places available. Applications close 31st October 2018

The Candidate submits the completed application form with supporting documentation and fee payment:

  • Current Curriculum Vitae.
  • Authenticated copy of the MCNZ Annual Practicing Certificate including evidence of Vocational Registration.
  • Evidence of current indemnity insurance.
  • Certificate of Proffessional Staus issued within the last 3 months.
  • Application fee $1000 plus GST.

For information and application form please contact Jenny at or ph : 09 4365829