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NZSCM is Developing Safe Protocols for Covid


We at NZSCM are very aware that our Auckland patients are missing our services. We have even been asked - can we perform treatments outside at picnics?
Our treatments make our patients feel good about themselves. A positive mindset is very important in a stressful situation such as we are all currently experiencing. Good research confirms that botulinum toxin has a beneficial effect on mood. Many people have come to appreciate the boost these treatments can provide.

As Auckland transitions from 2020’s lockdown regimen elective medical procedures are once again being performed. Protocols for safe routine elective joint surgery, dentistry, breast reductions and facelifting procedures have been developed and implemented. The NZSCM Covid Response Committee is currently developing protocols for NZSCM to safely perform cosmetic medical procedures.

Lower risk procedures will be provided initially. Higher risk procedures will be available when conditions allow them to be performed safely. To return to delivering cosmetic medical treatments there must be a high level of certainty that transmission is not occurring during the procedure, so we are proceeding with thoroughness and caution. NZSCM Covid Response Committee members are from a variety of specialities including anaesthetics, ophthalmology, emergency medicine and general practice primary care. These specialities are particularly experienced with minimising the risk of Covid, being exposed on the front line since the start of the pandemic.

How do we decide when we can treat patients again? Compared with last year, there is much more knowledge about Covid transmission. We have access to the most current medical literature about transmission risk and how to best mitigate it. We are able to critically evaluate this literature and formulate a safety protocol to minimise the risk of transmission.

As medical practitioners, we are already double vaccinated. We are well accustomed to wearing PPE, and know how to don and doff it correctly, including N95 respirators. Many of our Members are currently working as doctors outside cosmetic medicine with high-level protective measures such as N95 respirators, pre-op testing and surveillance swabbing.
Safe protocols backed up by research allowing double-vaccinated medical practitioners using medical grade PPE and eye protection to treat temperature-checked, masked, double-vaccinated patients for brief periods and safely delivering minor elective procedure like a botulinum toxin injection are on the way.

Members of NZSCM are fully trained in Cosmetic Medicine and undertake regular audits to ensure they maintain the highest standards of care and performance.

NZSCM is the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine. We're the only organisation recognised by the Medical Council of New Zealand to regulate and train doctors in Cosmetic Medicine.

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