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NZSCM is the New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine. We're the only organisation recognised by the Medical Council of New Zealand to regulate and train doctors in Cosmetic Medicine. Our NZSCM Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine is the only specialist Cosmetic Medicine qualification leading to independent practice in New Zealand


NZSCM's mission is to train doctors to the highest levels of expertise in Cosmetic Medicine, and to protect patients and the public. To ensure the highest standards, NZSCM doctors complete a comprehensive two-year Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine and are recertified every three years. We lobby for better regulation to protect the public, and educate patients about Cosmetic Medicine through our website and social media.


NZSCM was founded in 1995 by leading Cosmetic Medicine doctors and has grown from strength to strength. NZSCM doctors have at least 10 years of training, because only doctors who have completed their post-graduate specialist qualifications, such as General Practice, may complete the two-year Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine.

Education is NZSCM's core value. In addition to our Diploma of Cosmetic Medicine course, we hold NZ's biggest Cosmetic Medicine conference in Queenstown in August each year. With world-renown international speakers, it's a must-attend event for any doctor or nurse interested in practising Cosmetic Medicine in New Zealand.

We believe NZSCM doctors have the highest levels of patient care and safety in Cosmetic Medicine. To check if your doctor is NZSCM qualified, head to our members' directory. (Jenny please insert link)


NZSCM Members must abide by the Medical Council of New Zealand Statements:

MCNZ Statement on Cosmetic procedures:

MCNZ Statement on Advertising:


φThe Greek symbol Phi symbolises the Golden Ratio in mathematics and the arts, a fitting logo for a craft combining medical science with the beauty of the human body.

We have set the scene for the next few decades. 
Our future looks bright.