Top Tips for Safe, Effective Laser and IPL Treatments

NZSCM's Six Top Tips for Safe, Effective Laser and IPL

If you're considering a laser or IPL to improve your skin, we have important advice to make sure you're safe.

In New Zealand , there are no regulations to stop untrained people from using lasers and IPL machines. To keep safe, you'll need to pick your operator carefully and ask the right questions yourself. Here's what to look out for.

1. Any brown spot should have been checked by a doctor within 3 months of treatment to make sure it's not cancerous. Treating a cancerous spot with laser could be dangerous.

2. Your operator should advise against treatment if you're tanned. Treating tanned skin risks burns, blisters, scars and white patches.

3. You should be offered eye protection.

4. Ask if your operator has completed a Laser Safety Course. 

5. Your operator should tell you to protect your skin from the sun before and after treatment with sunscreen, clothing and a hat.

6. Your operator should ask you questions about eye colour, skin colour and tanning ability, to discover your skin type. This determines safe treatment settings for you.

For easy peace of mind, check if your doctor is an NZSCM member.

NZSCM is the only recognised qualification in Cosmetic Medicine in NZ and our doctors follow our high NZSCM standards for laser and IPL.

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