Advertising Regulations

Advice on Advertising Regulations 

NZSCM Censor Dr Sarah Hart is pleased to provide the following information to assist NZSCM members, nurses and doctors. 

Therapeutic advertising is advertising that’s intended to promote clinics; a nurse, doctor or dentist; health products, and health services. 

All cosmetic medicine advertising is therefore “therapeutic advertising” and has extra regulations. 

If you are going to advertise cosmetic medicine treatments like botulinum toxin or dermal filler, you will need to know the regulations thoroughly.

Therapeutic advertising must have a high standard of social responsibility and must not mislead or deceive the consumer. 

Here are some useful resources about therapeutic advertising regulations. 

If we choose to advertise, we have two options to stay legal - either we learn all the regulations ourselves, or we can use a paid service to check our ad is legal before we publish it, called the “Therapeutic Advertising Pre-Vetting Service” (TAPS).

We would  like to help you do it yourself, so we created this advertising page where will will update information as necessary.

Feel free to share it with your ad creative, your practice manager, your marketing department or any nurses you provide Standing Orders for. 

Medical Council jurisdiction

1. Any public communication...

TV, radio, movie, newspaper, billboard, list, display, internet or directory, business cards, announcement cards, office signs, letterhead, telephone directory listings, professional lists, professional directory listings and professional notices

2. ...intended to promote

  • health services
  • health-related products
  • a doctor
  • a clinic/group with which a doctor is associated.

Social Media and Advertising Standards

- presentation - Dr Sarah Hart 



Botulinum Toxin Advertising Checklist June 2021

Advice from TAPS and Medsafe

Digital Mandatories  

- TAPS have provided shorter mandatory statements for  to use on social media where space is a premium. Abbreviated digital mandatories 

Digital short mandatories Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Xeomin, Belotero, Juvederm, Teosyal, Profhilo

Full length consumer mandatories: Full Print consumer mandatories for 11 brands

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