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NZSCMs Six Top Tips for Safe Dermal Filler Treatments.

Did you know that the use of dermal fillers isn't well regulated in NZ?

That means you need to be cautious about who you choose to have treatment with. 

Our advice on How do you know if your injector is safe and well trained? 

  1. Did your injector tell you about the tiny risk of blindness with filler? It’s extremely rare - but you should be told. Be wary of injectors who don’t inform you.
  2. Did your injector check if you’ve ever had permanent filler? Treatment near permanent filler can cause problems.
  3. Does your injector have filler dissolver on hand? NZSCM doctors always have hyaluronidase for your safety.
  4. Did your injector take “before” photos? They’re essential to check the results of your treatment.
  5. Did you injector ask if you’re pregnant or breast feeding? You shouldn’t have dermal filler if you are.
  6. Experience counts. Ask to see before/after photos of patients actually treated by that injector. It will tell you how many patients they have treated, and show you whether their aesthetic is natural or overdone.

For easy peace of mind, check if your doctor is an NZSCM member - link to member directory HERE

NZSCM is the only recognised qualification in Cosmetic Medicine in NZ and our doctors follow our high NZSCM standards for Dermal Filler Treatments.

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