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NZSCM would advise checking if your injector is a member of NZSCM.

NZSCM would advise 

This article describes a problem with a permanent filler, Acquamid. It’s said that “permanent fillers cause permanent problems”. NZSCM agrees, and we advise both patients and our members against using permanent fillers. 

Permanent fillers can cause problems like infection many years after placement, and are difficult to remove, often requiring disfiguring surgery. 

This is not the case with hyaluranon fillers. Hyaluranon fillers are quite different. They can be easily removed with a dissolving enzyme called hyaluronidase. This gives hyaluranon fillers a high level of safety when used correctly by a well-trained injector. 

For peace of mind, check if your injector is a member of NZSCM. Our NZSCM doctors have completed two years of training in cosmetic treatments and follow the highest standards of patient safety and care. NZSCM is the only qualification in NZ that is recognised by the Medical Council of New Zealand.

You can see if your injector is a member of NZSCM click here.

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