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HYALURON PENS. FDA  safety alert warning

In 2019 Health Canada issued a statement that it had not authorized any needle-free dermal filler devices for sale.
The Hyaluron Pen is marketed as “Needle free filler, Pain free and natural looking at a fraction of the cost you would pay your qualified injector! “ It uses high pressure to force hyaluron into the superficial skin.
So what’s the worry?

The devices can potentially cause side effects which include:
• Inflammatory skin reactions
• Hematomas (collection of blood outside a blood vessel)
• Abscesses (collection of pus, usually caused by a bacterial infection)
• Staining of skin
• Bacterial and fungal infection due to contamination during filling
• Spreading of transmissible diseases due to cross-contamination between users
• Damage to skin, eyes or blood vessels due to excessive pressure or operator error

These are still available in New Zealand although our doctors have been warning against their use since they first appeared.
New trends and fads are constantly emerging in the beauty industry and in regards to cosmetic injections. Often these new products and procedures lack any empirical evidence supporting their efficacy or safety.

Our society encourages the use of safe scientifically proven and validated treatments.

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