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Regulators at Worksafe and the Ministry of Health have ruled that doctors can now perform some Botox treatments but hairdressers must stay closed.  
Botox is not a beauty treatment. It’s a regulated medical procedure.  
Whether you get Botox injections to improve your migraines or smooth your wrinkles, it’s the exact same medicine, and requires a doctor’s prescription.  
Trained cosmetic doctors can inject Botox, or they can authorise cosmetic nurses to do so.  
NZSCM’s doctors have developed cautious, highly protective guidelines for administering Botox safely, now that the Covid strategy has switched from elimination to suppression. 
These updated guidelines have been approved by the Ministry of Health.  
They authorise NZSCM doctors and their staff to administer Botox from NZSCM accredited clinics, wearing medical grade PPE.  
It’s our years of medical training that allow us to do this.  
We hope hairdressers can return to work soon too. We miss them as much as you do.  

Link to TV One news item 03.11.21


Botox®, Prescription Medicine
For the treatment of frown lines and crow’s feet
Botox has risks and benefits.
botulinum toxin type A 50 units (U), 100 units (U) or 200 units (U) powder for injection.
For product information check with your doctor or Consumer Medicine Information on . Allergan (NZ) Limited, Auckland.

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