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TV One News item Dental Hygienists injecting without training

Dental hygienists injecting botox without training causes alarm

Fri, August 18 Source: Re: TV One News

NZSCM doctors complete a rigorous 200-hour, two-year Diploma program, which includes written, oral, and practical examinations. We adhere to a schedule of cosmetic recertification assessments administered by accomplished peers every three years, alongside ongoing scrutiny of continued educational pursuits. Dentists and dental hygienists decide themselves when they’re competent.

Their determination of competency is largely self-directed, lacking a structured cosmetic recertification evaluation or ongoing oversight of cosmetic education. In light of this disparity, we have taken the initiative to communicate our reservations to the Dental Council. Our outreach encompasses a sincere offer of support in devising recognized training and recertification benchmarks designed to align with the needs of dental practitioners.

As proponents of standardized professional norms, we look forward to the prospect of constructive dialogue with the Dental Council. Through cooperative efforts, we aspire to cultivate a harmonized landscape of elevated professional standards. 

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