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NZ appearance medicine experts "world class"

NZCAM Media release/November 11 2009

Appearance medicine doctors in New Zealand are among the best in the world thanks to our rigorous training standards, says the new president of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine, Dr Teresa Cattin. "There are so many exciting developments in the field of appearance medicine and our members are right up to date with the latest techniques," she says.

"New Zealand cosmetic physicians are respected internationally and our practices and training programmes are as good as anywhere in the world."

Dr Cattin says NZCAM's primary aim is to train physicians to treat patients safely and professionally, using safe, approved products and techniques. "We want to ensure that patients are getting the right treatment from well-trained professionals – and the result is that New Zealand has an excellent record in patient safety."

When NZCAM was established 15 years ago, appearance medicine was in its infancy. Now the college has 30 fully qualified members and another 12 doctors currently undergoing training. The Diploma in Appearance Medicine is open to doctors only.

NZCAM also holds annual conferences attracting leading overseas cosmetic specialists and researchers, and college members regularly attend international conferences and workshops. Retiring president Dr John Barrett, who headed NZCAM for 13 years, says the college has developed an excellent training and auditing system over the years. "NZCAM has set the gold standard in appearance medicine in this country. This is such a rapidly changing area of medicine that we constantly need to keep up with the latest trends."

Dr Cattin was elected president at NZCAM's annual conference in October.

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